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I am Hazel Harrison, your trusty sidekick.I am a certified Running Coach, Breath Coach,  a certified professional transformational coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. With over 30 years experience in coaching and mentoring

I am not going to waffle on here as to how my business was born! The important thing is you know my motivation and what my Why is! Seriously, my Why? is simply that I get joy and satisfaction from connecting with different types of people, enabling them to realise their potential and together figure out the best way that I can serve you ...or your team. I'm here to be your sidekick, and  that can come in differing guises such as being your personal transformational coach or  designing a motivational programme for you and your team. I'm here to be curious, at times ask challenging questions, be supportive and enabling you to realise your own superhero potential - No capes required!!

Snowy ' My Sidekick'

                Always on the lookout for Cats ! and tummy rubs !

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You wouldn't buy a car without test drive- so reach out for a 30 minutes test drive of Your Sidekick.


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