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Rachael - Tiaki Physio & Pilates


"We hired Hazel to help us support a staff member who needed some confidence building to sit his exams. His confidence had taken a hit and we were struggling to connect with him and show him the way forward. Enter Hazel’s coaching and mentoring skills and her tenacity, she was able to connect with him, build his confidence and help him set his pathway. He passed his exams ! Hazel has the skills and tools to help people and their teams achieve their goals "


The right coach for me !

Hazel has loads of experience and knowledge in running, what I admire most is her attitude towards life and running. I knew right away that she was the right coach for me. By following her personalised plan I was able to reach my goal of a sub 2 hour marathon injury free.



"I am a closed book and needed to open it up to show my vulnerability to the world. I want everything done yesterday and my priorities were not realistic. Hazel as a business coach was looking from the outside in with no judgement. We put together a small step plan to help me get things done, I felt accountable and really good when I achieved my goal."

Vernette Roberts, Reach Design

Couch to 50k

I went from couch to 50k in 10 months, Hazel is a great source of motivation, discipline and knowledge about running. She also helps me to focus on the mental and self- caring side. I look forward to my next harder challenge because I have her in my corner.


Catalyst For Change

"I highly recommend Hazel as a transformative coach. She is a humble and authentic person that will act as a catalyst for changing your life or business. She has helped me create lasting change in myself and supported me on my journey."


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